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1994 Tiger & the Helix 'Peace Face' CD cover and band members, from left to right; Richard Gannaway (lead and backing vocals, bass, acoustic gtr), Andy Georges (electric gtr, backing vocals), Mike Lawrence (Drums) and Jay Oliver (keyboards)

Tiger & the Helix formed in Manhattan Bch, CA as a rock ensemble (1990). Richard Gannaway and Andy Georges co-composed all the material, with the exception of track 3 (Richard Gannaway, Sasha Alexandra), track 4 (Richard Gannaway) and track 10 (Richard Gannaway, Jay Oliver). Jay Oliver and Mike Lawrence had commitments to other projects at the time, and the band had no intention of touring; though they performed often in Los Angeles venues. The 'Peace Face' CD also features Marc Torlina (bass) on tracks 6 & 9, Leslie White (backing vocals) on track 2, and Sasha Alexandra (lead vocal duet) on track 3. Richard released 'Peace Face' on his indie label, Arcturian Gate in 1994. For three years he toured this project throughout Western Europe and Canada, with backing musicians from Ontario. Track four, 'Somewhere Blue' still receives a fair amount of airplay in Europe. The 'Peace Face' CD has now become a collector's piece. New copies can be found on various websites at a premium (there were only 2,000 copies printed).

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